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Things You Should Know about your puppy

  • Get Plenty Socialization

    Taking your pup to dog parks and other dog approved activities will help tremendously in shaping a dogs behaviour around other dogs and humans. The last thing you want to have is a dog that can't be around anybody or anything.

  • Get Them Exercise

    Always take the time for 2-3 walks or park time per day day/

  • Proper Feeding is Essential

    Remember your new friend is going to need to eat healthy puppy food. You'll find that most brands carry a formula just for puppies. These are generally the best for giving your dog the most nutrition.

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  • Precautiion

    If your puppy has not had all of its shots, you should avoid dog parks, and any other areas frequented by dogs. You should also keep your puppy off of any lawns that may be frequented by dogs. Certain virus' like Parvo can live in the soil for many years and is dangerous to dogs.